Monday, August 31, 2009

Are Airsoft Simulations Accurate?

By: May Anne Uy

I've been asking this question for awhile now since becoming a regular Airsoft gaming enthusiast for three years running. But given that we are only shooting 6mm mineral filled polypropylene BB pellets that are only slightly denser than water, how can ever a 0.25 gram 6mm diameter spherical projectile traveling at 450 feet per second ever replicate a 3 gram 5.56 mm diameter bullet traveling at 2,800 feet per second? The short answer is "no way".

Though some might prefer paintball because of the "visual appeal" of the ones that you hit. While others prefer Airsoft weapons system because they can be made to look like real guns. But unlike real guns, Airsoft allows you to shoot at fellow players without killing them outright or sending them to the nearest emergency ward. But when it comes to range, Airsoft guns only mimic the flat trajectory of real guns - i.e. contemporary assault rifles - that they are meant to mimic only at CQB ranges / distances.

Given their effectiveness of mimicking the trajectory of modern assault rifles only at close quarters, Airsoft guns could be excellent for hostage rescue training scenarios. But given that the guns are balanced like the real thing, they do provide as valuable props for gun safety training too without the risk posed by real guns. So Airsoft guns or Airsoft Electric Guns do have certain attractive advantages over their real counterparts.